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Woollahra Council

The Woollahra Council provides volunteer service for Bushcare, librarians and other opportunities. Come and see what is available.

Location: In the Woollahra Council vicinity

Requirements: If you have previous experience working in libraries or in the gardening sector this is a great opportunity to help the community and further those passions


Woollahra Municipal Council has a range of volunteering opportunities available. Volunteering is a great way to connect with our community and make a real difference. Services available to volunteer with include our Libraries, Bushcare, and more.


If you love libraries, people or events and are looking to give back to the community, then we’d like to hear from you. A range of volunteer opportunities currently exist to support our libraries.


Anyone over the age of 15 is invited to become a Bushcare volunteer. All you need is an interest in protecting the local environment and a few spare hours to help ensure the future ecological sustainability and natural beauty of the Woollahra municipality.

Please do not hesitate to visit your local council for opportunities like this!


Woollahra Libraries - Name: Bevalee Samolis-Small -


Bushcare - Name: Rudi Adlmayer


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