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Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia is a national not for profit organisation to aid in the restoration and upkeep of our environment. So if you are interested in helping us, please contact us.

Location: Sydney, read "Contact"for more information

Requirements: If you have previous experience working in and around the gardening sector, this is a great opportunity to help the community and further those passions.


Landcare Australia is a national not-for profit that works in partnership with multiple stakeholders to support the Landcare community with funding and capacity building for on-ground projects. The Landcare community is made up of approximately 6,000 Landcare, Coastcare, Bushcare, ‘Friends of’ and other community environmental care groups across Australia.

"Junior Landcare encourages continuous participation from childhood to adulthood so that the children of today, become the Landcarers of the future. Junior Landcare helps young Australians to develop skills, share knowledge, create experiences and foster connections with place and community."


There are opportunities for students to volunteer with local Landcare groups and help with their environmental projects. This would need to be on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the group you are contacting. You can search for local Landcare and Junior Landcare groups using the National Landcare Directory with your postcode. https://landcareaustralia.org.au/landcare-get-involved/findagroup/

For any further questions; mary.bell@landcareaustralia.com.au



Funding raised through donations helps Landcare Australia develop programs that are practical, deliverable and community focused. The in-kind contributions and funding support the Landcare community to achieve a diverse range of positive outcomes.

`"These include; a sustainable approach to integrated land management; natural habitat restoration; enhancing biodiversity; building resilience in Australia’s food and farming systems; creating social cohesion and wellbeing in communities."

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