Student Volunteering

Our Mission

At the House of Volunteers Australia, we strive to help all young Australians find their passion for volunteering. Whether that passion stems from parents, schools or your own self-interest, we want to make the process of volunteering and helping the community as smooth and manageable for busy school students as possible!

Why we exist

At House of Volunteers, our team aims to bring volunteering opportunities closer to Sydney's students. From our own experience, most volunteer sites are funded by advertising making them very difficult to navigate and not targetted to students.  Our site is a short cut - allowing you as students and parents to easily connect with charities that are actively looking for keen youth volunteers.


Our Vision

We aim to bring charities and students closer together so that no time is wasted in helping those in need. We hope to expand to all schools across Sydney and one day, Australia

The Community Needs Your Help Today!